Class T Share Price: $9.801   Annualized Distribution Rate: 5.97%2


An Extensive Investment Process

In the lending market, sourcing and information is vital to mitigate risk. Many factors are evaluated during the investment consideration process, including:

  • Industry and company trends.
  • Company's competitive position.
  • Company financials including historical and projected financial data.
  • Creditworthiness.
  • Quality and track record of the company's management team.
  • Collateral.

KKR's broad network delivers numerous investment opportunities, but KKR's thoughtful investment process seeks to ensure that only the right investments are selected.3

Extensive Underwriting

Rigorous Underwriting

The investment strategy of Corporate Capital Trust II is focused primarily on investing in privately held companies, which may present certain challenges, including extending loans to those with potentially low credit quality and a lack of publicly available information.

3 Portfolio managers may use some or all of the techniques described. Please refer to the KKR Important Information section for further information on KKR's inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may limit the involvement of personnel in certain investment processes and discussions.