An Extensive Investment Process

In the lending market, sourcing and information is vital to mitigate risk. Many factors are evaluated during the investment consideration process, including:

  • Industry and company trends.
  • Portfolio company's competitive position.
  • Portfolio company's financials including historical and projected financial data.
  • Creditworthiness.
  • Quality and track record of the Portfolio Company's management team.
  • Collateral.

KKR's broad network delivers numerous investment opportunities, but KKR's thoughtful investment process seeks to ensure that only the right investments are selected.1

Extensive Underwriting

Rigorous Underwriting

1 Portfolio managers may use some or all of the techniques described. Please refer to the KKR & Co. Important Information section for further information on KKR's inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may limit the involvement of personnel in certain investment processes and discussions.